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1. Will GSAKMP work on my system?

The current implementation has been developed in Java 1.4, so it will work anywhere that a 1.4 (or later) Java Virtual Machine runs. It has been tested on Windows XP, Red Hat Linux, and Mac OS X.

2. How do I run it?

The currently available code is not a complete demo, it is just the GSAKMP API. It is suitable for integration into your own application. See the included README file for more details. At a very high level, you can use the com.sparta.token.PolicyTokenGenerator to create a com.sparta.token.PolicyToken object, which is necessary to create a com.sparta.gsakmp.GSAKMPGroup, which is the main GSAKMP interface class.

3. How do I contact the authors with additional questions?

Our contact information is on this page. Email is the preferred contact method.